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Fanuc Amplifier Repair

Fanuc Amplifier Repair Our Fanuc Amplifier Repair Service Center is designed to provide our customers with the highest quality repairs for FANUC servo and spindle amplifier modules including AC, Beta and alpha series. Experienced engineers with technical documents, Fanuc schematics, and computer knowledge bases quickly answer questions, diagnose problems and offer solutions

Our sophisticated and highly automated repair system begins with our Automated PCB Tracking system, which logs the receipt & history of all amplifiers. We then put all assemblies through our automated wash system to ensure that no contaminants are present during the process. The assemblies are then passed to our highly sophisticated test systems where they are rigorously tested by our factory trained technicians to determine the specific nature of the problem and then repaired to exacting FANUC standards.

All information regarding the nature of the problem and the repair is then carefully logged into our Automated PCB Tracking system history database. Following the completion of the repairs, the item is once again tested rigorously to ensure full functionality and compliance with original factory specifications, and then quickly and efficiently returned to our customer.

To arrange for the repair and reconditioning of a FANUC Amplifier please contact our Fanuc Repair Department
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